Monday, July 13, 2009

Cold Porcelain

Few months ago when I was exploring different types of crafts, I came across few artworks in 'Cold Porcelain', which made me fall in love with this kind of artwork.

Here are my first few experiments with Cold Porcelain.

Do post your feedback and suggestions

A Mini Drift wood vase

Inspired by Japanese Kokeshi Dolls (Kokeshi is actually made in wood)

The Old wise Tortoise..

Young little Blue Elephant. I have named her 'Tum Tum'.

Here is Mr. Bob who runs a salon for cattle. One of his clients is getting colored.


  1. Hi Mam,

    Excellent works, din know tat u ve such a talent. Fantastis , awesom, tremendous, gr8 works. Ok mam i ve typed watever u ve told me.. ok ah now.

    He he he eh e jus kiddin... really superb works. Keep going.

  2. hi....
    its very nice...and cute...especially i like the Bob's salon....its humorous...and u can make some more of like that which depicts some humour or any other feelings.....keep continuing this good work.....All the Best!!!

  3. hi,
    very cute work.looks lovely
    check out my blog for