Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here are a couple of my sketches and paintings. I made these almost before 10 years. After switching over to Computer Graphics I didn't get much to spare for hand sketching.


  1. Hi

    ur sketches and paintings are nice. hav u done this on your own or u took any reference.

    - kalaiprian

  2. hi, Kavitha.....

    All are simply superb...

    I like Army man with his kid sktech....

    My suggestion is, please make it practice continously...

    all the very best .. hope you can do well in the future...


  3. Hi everyone..thanks a lot for those valuable feedback. Its Very much encouraging. Will try to do more in future.

    (I took reference from few advertisements and photographs which were published in magazines.)

  4. Hi,
    Awesome Coool ....I may run short of words but one thing Gr8 job.The best part being the Sketch and Walking portrait painting.

  5. Well Done Mrs. eK.
    Excellent Work....
    Keep it up.
    Luck of Best.

  6. hey .. they are very nice .. the top one - u had framed it and given me as a gift .. i have it on my table at home :)